We believe in the power of collaboration and always strive to contribute our software and expertise to the open source community.  Learn more about our open products Wisecracker™, Hotpatch™, and VIC™ below.





A high performance distributed cryptanalysis frameworK


Wisecracker™ provides an open source framework for security researchers to write their own cryptanalysis tools that can distribute brute force cryptanalysis work across multiple systems with multiple multi-core processors and GPUs. Wisecracker™ uses OpenCL and MPI together to distribute the work across multiple systems, each having multiple CPUs and/or GPUs. We support the OpenCL libraries provided by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA®, and support multiple operating systems such as Linux®, Microsoft Windows® and Apple's Mac OS X®. 

Wisecracker™ is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 and is free for anyone to use.  If you choose to use Wisecracker™ for your research or for writing new applications, we are happy to provide technical support. We also can license Wisecracker™ under a proprietary license if you need to distribute proprietary applications that use Wisecracker™. 
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An OPEN SOURCE LIBRARY THAT ALLOWS YOU TO Dynamically load a shared library (.so) file on Linux from one process into another already running process, without affecting the execution of the target process.

The main idea of Hotpatch™ stems from the fact that in Linux, it is not easy to load a library into another already running process. In Windows, there is an API called CreateRemoteThread() that can load a library into another process very easily with a couple of API calls.   Hotpatch™ makes this functionality available to Linux users and developers, with a single API call.  The API is a C API, but is also supported in C++.  Unlike other available injection libraries, Hotpatch™ restores the execution of the process to its original state.

Hotpatch™ is licensed under the permissible 3-clause BSD license and is free for anyone to use.




A domain specific language to develop firmware for Microchip’s PIC® microcontrollers (MCU)


While coding firmware for various MCU projects, we ended up using a lot of common code between them. So we abstracted them into header files with macros, but that wasn’t enough so we went down the path of auto-generating these macros and instead went a step further and created a domain specific language – VIC™.  Its aim is for users or developers to develop firmware that looks simple, logical and can hide complexities that are in-built into VIC™ as language primitives. The name of the compiler to compile the language is also called vic.

VIC™ is dual licensed under the Perl Artistic license and the GNU General Public License.