At Selective Intellect, we make it our priority to deliver cutting-edge solutions that outperform our clients’ expectations.  Since the company’s inception, we have built a track record of dependability and excellence in all that we do.  Read below about our select projects with the Defense Industry as well as the Banking, Healthcare, and Not-for-Profit sectors, and contact us to learn more.




Under the DARPA Cyber Fast Track program, we developed Bootjack, a proof-of-concept hardware device that would be able to extract a computer system’s BIOS by connecting to its USB port. The aim was for the product to be used as a forensic tool to detect supply chain attacks on the BIOS at the manufacturer or the BIOS rootkits (bootkits) that might have been installed by malware.

We partnered with BIT Systems (now part of CACI Inc.) to win a transition contract from DARPA to continue the development of Bootjack and productize it for the Department of Defense (DoD). We enhanced the features, improved the hardware and software capabilities, built tamper proofing mechanisms, and updated the device’s boot-loader to detect any tampering. 

The device was presented at DARPA Demo Day at the Pentagon in May 2014. 

Firecracker (Darpa Project)


Based on our expertise in GPU computing, systems engineering, and cyber security and cryptography, Selective Intellect was awarded a DARPA Cyber Fast Track contract to develop Firecracker – a proof-of-concept framework for vulnerability assessment of systems with high end GPUs.  We presented the developed software at DARPA Demo Day at the Pentagon in 2014, and were selected to share our work with the students of the US Military Academy in West Point, NY.  Contact us to learn more.



Selective Intellect has worked with a spectrum of clients from the banking and healthcare industries as well as the not-for-profit sector.  Our work was tailored to our clients’ needs, focusing on developing models that would achieve faster, more accurate results.  We parallelized Monte Carlo pricing algorithms for collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) to run on a heterogeneous cluster of computers, developed automated trading systems and software scripts that would parse through, aggregate, and analyze large amounts of data from various sources, built data mining systems, and wrote financial data feeds for FINRA, Telekurs and ICAP.  Contact us to learn more.