Selective Intellect @ DARPA I2O's Demo Day at the Pentagon

Ever wonder what happens at the DARPA Demo Day? So many of us eagerly await the opportunity to show what we have been working on and exchange ideas with others in the field.  Selective Intellect was chosen to demonstrate our DARPA Cyber Fast Track (CFT) projects Firecracker and Bootjack at the DARPA I2O Demo Day at the Pentagon on May 22, 2014.  And so we set up our two separate presentation booths with Firecracker being in the Restricted section for security cleared personnel and Bootjack in the unclassified section.

Overall it was a fantastic experience to demonstrate the technologies we had developed to various defense personnel who were genuinely interested in how things worked. This event gave us an opportunity to interact with the other companies of the CFT program and view their research in detail. Most of the companies present were research-oriented, just like us. Some of the presented projects used novel technologies like the Oculus Rift to visualize large scale simulated cyber attacks.   With all of the focus on 3D technologies now, we have to honestly say it was a mind-blowing experience to see these simulated experiences in 3D.  Looking forward to seeing how this technology will continue to be used by our peers.

Definitely recommend it if you ever get the opportunity to participate.  DARPA Demo Day works  not only as a great platform to  present your ideas, but also as an effective way to meet others working in the field and connect with possible future collaboration partners.  

We'll have more novel ideas to present again soon so we hope to see you at the next one!

For more information on our projects Bootjack and Firecracker Contact Us.